Welcome to BootsOnDeck,Inc.com.
Welcome to the place where military-affiliated students can get the help they need to be successful in higher education.
Get Back To A Sense of Normality.
We help military-affiliated students get their lives back on track not only through transitioning into and through college, but through life out of college as well.
Educational Assistance Made Easy.
Not only do we assist military-affliated students in the transitioning process in and through college, but we also provide assistance in making sure that military-affiliated students know about the financial avenues available to them for college expenses.
Soar To Your Full Potential.
Through our various programs and services, Boots On Deck, Inc. and along with our affiliated organizations, work together to make sure that all military-affiliated students attending or looking to obtain a college degree, have the resources they need to excel to highest potential in higher education.
We Support You All The Way.
Whether it's needing help through a tough situation, or needing books for college courses, we are dedicated to supporting our military-affiliated students through the entire way of the educational career from start to finish.
Let Us Help You From Where You Are.
No matter what your situation is, we are here to give you a helping hand to displaced military-affiliated students in getting them back on their feet.
Then Let Us Help You To Where You Can Go.
Once locked into our program, we then assist in the changing process from being displaced military-affiliated students, or any military-affiliated students for that matter, to college graduates.


Boots on Deck Inc., a military affiliated transition consulting firm, was established on 10/23/2013 and is locally located in Orlando, FL. Our organization specializes in educational, entrepreneurial, and transitional support.

Prior to the creation of our social enterprise, our founder has spent 8 years in understanding the unique issues our clients face, researching thousands of programs that targeted veteran support services. Our Founder also utilizedmultiple tools implemented by private and governmental organizations that specialized in aiding in the transitional phase of veterans and their families coming out of active military service.

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Through these observations our organization was formed. Our targeted audience focuses on military affiliated personnel (MAP) who includes, but is not limited to, Active Duty, Reservists, Veterans, Dependents, and Allied Forces service members.

The objective of the On Your Feet (OYF) campaign is to declare spiritual warfare on Military Affiliated Personnel’s cloaked war by eliminating Military Transitional Blindness. Implementing the On Your Feet (OYF) campaign and the core values of the OYF movement, we are currently expanding our for profit counterparts in every state. We are anticipating to have a for profit counterpart in every state by the end of 2015.


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Most veterans don't know who to turn to for help in higher education pursuits. Look no further and Click here to find out what services we can provide to help veterans along the way.


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College can be quite expensive. Click here to learn more about our programs that aid in covering some, if not most of the costs.


Looking to expand globally in supporting all Military Affliliated Personnel.