About Us

"We are the boots on deck that will eliminate the negative stigma our military communities face."

Transitioning out of military life is by far the hardest challenge many of our targeted audience face. Unemployment rate among veterans makes up about 8% of the nation’s total unemployment statistic. What is more shocking is these numbers does not include unemployed reservists, dependents, or active duty personnel who are severely struggling financially.

How about MAP who couldn’t attend the TAP GPS workshop and are left to figure things out on their own when they separate from our Armed forces? That’s where Boots on Deck comes into play. By joining our MAP chapters nationwide OYF consultants will be with you every step of the way from the moment you swear in to the moment after you retire.

Boots with Logo

Joining your local MAP chapter will ensure that you never sink and spiral in a path of uncertainty. Let OYF consultants MAP your future while you enjoy tranquility and peace of mind. By building start-ups businesses specializing in providing transitional support, Boot on Deck Inc. is able to minimize the unemployment rate amongst MAP. OYF consultants will create and customize business models to targeting our clientele and ensure an instant collaboration between Boots on Deck Inc. and affiliated partners.

Existing business will benefit by adopting the MAPS core values and OYF campaign logo which will provide exclusive access to a list of thousands of customers who are military-affiliated. OYF consultants specializes in building start –ups business models in Non-profit organizations, restaurants, private investigative agencies, real estate agencies, security agencies, and most importantly, consultancy firms through our Mentor Protégé Internship.


Looking to expand globally in supporting all Military Affliliated Personnel.