What Makes Us Unique

"Our cause is to hold our clients by the hand and improve their quality of life by any means necessary."

Boots On Deck Inc. is the only social enterprise in Florida who is focused solely on engaging the military affiliated population in building start-up companies specific to selling for profit. By socially investing in our client’s success, it has become our mission to become Guardian Angels. Simply by advocating and joining our cause, you have lightened a positive path for our clients and became their Guardian Angel.

Sailors Saluting

By providing a positive transition to our clients, we can directly help them adjust back to society and show them all the resources that are available for them. It is very important to take our clients by their hand and guide them through their challenges. It’s our organizations goal to expose the hardships of military-affiliated personnel and to take positive measures in making their life enjoyable.


Looking to expand globally in supporting all Military Affliliated Personnel.